How Is Claro Learning Support Arranged?


  1. A student with an identifiable barrier to learning contacts the learning support department or disability service of their college or university.
  2. It may be necessary to arrange a diagnostic assessment and/or a needs assessment if these steps have not already been completed.
  3. Most students will apply for funding from their funding body (located in the region where they live) England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales.
  4. The college or university may contacts Claro Learning or the student may do so independently.
  5. One of our consultants is assigned to the student, and gets in touch with her or him to arrange times and places. The place will always be one the student finds convenient, such as their home or college library. The time will sometimes be ‘out of office hours’.
  6. For the remainder of the student's course (or for whatever amount of time is agreed) the student receives appropriate support.
  7. The student countersigns a timesheet for each support session, and from time to time lets Claro Learning know how things are going.

This final step is worth emphasizing. We have several quality systems in place, which include regular feedback from our clients. If a client (for whatever reason) wants to change consultants, we arrange this immediately.

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